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Two Florida siblings are being hailed as heroes after jumping into a watery ditch to save a couple and their 11-day-old baby, who were trapped inside their wrecked SUV. Aaron Allen and his sister, Jolisa Jones, were driving their Ashley Furniture delivery truck in Tampa on Friday morning when they saw a white Chrysler side-swipe a […]

by Steve McCutchen Black Panther comrades Big Man and Steve McCutchen confer at a Black History event Big Man hosted at the West Oakland Library with Party archivist Billy X Jennings on Feb. 16, 2008. – Photo: Carole Hyams-Howard Poor is the word without the deeds poor the deeds without the WORD – During the […]

Third Street business owners LaWanda Dickerson, owner of U3Fit, Ms. Bernadette, owner of the Jazz Room, April Spears, owner of Cafe Envy and Auntie April’s, Teresa Goins, founder Old Skool Cafe, and Barbara Gratta, owner of Gratta Wines have come together to form a mighty coalition, the Merchants of Butchertown Decades ago, when cattle were […]

by Paradise Aretha Franklin sings … with all her heart and soul. Like Prince, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordon, Tiger Woods, Venus and Serena Williams, Aretha Franklin came from that strong Black father stock. From a towering black mountain of a man, the Reverend C.L. Franklin. It’s been said about Rev. Franklin that when he spoke […]

by Denise Lamott Looking new inside and out, SavMore Mart has upgraded its offerings at a new location, 4522 Third St. The Healthy Retail SF Program, in collaboration with a host of community partners, celebrated its 10th store with the grand re-opening event of Sav-Mor Mart at its new location at 4522 Third St., between […]

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by Marisol Beas, California Black Media California is often portrayed in the media as a utopian state with fantastic weather year-round, serene beaches and scenic geography that would be a resident’s dream. And, in many areas of the state, it’s partly true. However, a devastating summer for the state has ignited concerns about the state’s […]

by Wealth and Disparities in the Black Community – Justice 4 Mario Woods The highlight of a wonderful day for the children was the chance to ride a horse. The Black Cowboys introduced them to the thrill of horseback riding. On July 22, 2018, on what would’ve been Mario Woods’ 29th birthday, Wealth and Disparities […]

by Noble Brown Your first day of prison is your last day of being human. Your life is no longer yours. You are now state property. You BELONG to them now, and they hate you. They don’t recognize your humanity or dignity. “Hope, No Hope” – Art by Armando Rodriguez, 2137057, Napa State Hospital, 2100 […]

by Amani Sawari Five hundred turned out for a solidarity mobilization at the San Quentin West Gate on Saturday, Aug. 25. Most were young – new freedom fighters! This strike and the publicity around it are emboldening people on the outside to speak out for prisoners, empathize with their pain and fight for a world […]

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