Love’s Jazz & Arts Center

From the early 19th century to its role during the Civil Rights Era as the birthplace of Malcolm X, Legendary Jazz player Preston Love Sr.,  Actor John Beasley, drummer/singer Buddy Miles, Radio giant Kathy Hughes, movie producer Alexander Payne, Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Rogers, Actress Gabrielle Union, Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Bob Gibson, NBA Hall of Famer Bob Boozer, first black NFL quarterback Marlan Brisco,  and the home of 3 Tuskegee Airmen.

North Omaha has long been viewed as the heart of Omaha’s African American commercial, social, cultural and political life.  Historically, the heartbeat was the strongest in the 24th/Lake Street District. (Proposed area for the Low Powered FM Station) Referred to as the “Street of Dreams” in a Nebraska public television video, the District was once lined with viable shops and business that offered all the necessities and amenities of everyday life.  It was sustained by working class African American community that had migrated to Omaha seeking jobs and a better life offered by the packing houses and the railroad industry.

From the 1920’s through 1950’s, this vibrant corridor, (24th and Lake area)filled with the sounds of live jazz and rhythm and blues, big band, and blues was the place to celebrate life.  Numerous venues dotted the corridor, hosting legendary greats such as Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Lionel Hampton and the Nat King Cole Trio.  The corridor cultivated its own musicians such as Preston Love, Buddy Miles, and Curly Martin.

Mind & Soul 101.3 FM

The LPFMS programming will help support the mission and purpose of the LJAC by providing programming that will increase the knowledge and awareness of the rich heritage Jazz as an American Art form.  The station programming will focus on building stronger sense of  community, hope and pride for the arts and culture of the area.  Programming will focus on the contributions and legacy of music in the targeted service area.  The station will focus celebrating life and legacy of Musicians from the North Omaha area in which the Low Power FM Station will be licensed.  Programming will also include interviews with Artists and community leaders around Music, Arts, Culture and building community.  This will also give opportunity to increasing the overall communications for the targeted area North Omaha.The overall programming will seek to educate, motivate and elevate the consciousness and appreciation for the Arts and Jazz.  Focus will be given to other genres of music that played a significant part in molding and shaping the music of the world of music…special attention will be given to Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Big Band, R & B, Gospel, Neo Soul.  Programming will also include individuals and organization representatives that will focus on community capacity building and providing effective communication to help improve the quality of life for the targeted service area in North Omaha.  Our partners in which we will draw on for tools, resources, and counsel will include the following organizations; 100 Black Men of Omaha, Urban League of Nebraska, Omaha Police Department, Omaha Empowerment Network, Charles Drew Community Health Center, University of Nebraska at Omaha, Omaha Public Schools.

North Omaha Neighborhood Alliance, City of Omaha, and the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce.


The Love’s Jazz & Arts Center was born of a revitalization effort in North Omaha and the Center has been aggressively building community pride, hope and appreciation for our African American Culture. The LJAC has continued our mission to Preserve, Present and Promote African American Art & Jazz and we have established the center as a credible and important member of Omaha’s historical and cultural community. We will continue to present a rich array of culturally diverse arts programming for Nebraska and the surrounding region in order to educate, enlighten, enrich and entertain audiences of all ages, while providing leadership and support to advance the appreciation for African American Arts and Jazz. The Love’s Jazz and Arts Center is dedicated to telling the story of North Omaha Jazz, Preston Love Sr., and Jazz in American history and using those stories to encourage understanding and excite the imagination. The many diverse exhibits featured at the LJAC will provide a variety of educational experiences and programming.

Station Programming and Purpose:

Procuring a Low Power FM station will help educate the community and increase awareness about upcoming events, programs and exhibitions. Through this station we will be able to reach a larger audience in the North Omaha area to teach its residents about the rich history and culture that was cultivated in and around them through the music of jazz. The programming plan for this station will be to infuse the music and culture of jazz in to the daily lives of its listeners. Types of programming will include: educational segments on the history of jazz, daily listening hours to include artists from the various genres of jazz, Monday through Friday blocks of time dedicated to a morning talk format (which would include drive time and weather updates) as well as an evening “drive time” music format (again including updates on drive time and weather) and blocks dedicated to “old school” jazz. Additional line ups would include weekly segments in which each day would have a dedicated topic i.e. Blue Monday (consisting of jazz influenced rhythm and blues music) and Gospel Sundays. Remaining days throughout the week would again include segments dedicated to certain topics with a focus on community interaction by allowing listeners to phone in with comments, concern and opinions. Some topics may include but are not limited to: local and national politics, community activism and youth talk (giving a voice to the youth of Omaha as well as discussing issues concerning our youth). All while continuing to enrich the daily lives of our listeners with the essence of jazz.


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