Meek Mill Thinks Fast to Get Out of ‘Bust’ by Jamaican Police 

Written by on 01/31/2019

Meek Mill thought he was heading to a Jamaican jail cell when he was pulled over by police in the city of Kingston, but they only wanted to take a photo with him. The Philly rapper shared a video of the incident to his Instagram Story on Thursday, Jan. 31, and it showed how shaken up he was.

Meek Mill was pulled over in Kingston, Jamaica for a photo and it scared him.

“I’m f—ed up. Y’all pulled us over and said y’all want a picture, man?” asked Meek in his best Jamaican accent. “That scared us. We scared of police. We thought we getting locked up.”

“It’s nothing like that,” one of the officers replied.

Meek didn’t seem too upset, however. He then asked the officers for a police escort out of Kingston, which they agreed to.

But fortunately for the “Uptown Vibes” rapper, the other days he spent in Jamaica weren’t as stressful. On Wednesday, Jan. 29, he shared a photo of himself and a group of men apparently on a Jamaican riverbank and everyone looked pretty relaxed. Plus, he posted a few videos from a Jamaican strip club to Instagram Story.

Of course, the reason why Meek was so rattled over the police stop is because he’s been dealing with the legal system for all of his adult life. In 2008 he was booked on gun and drug charges and has been on probation ever since.

The last time he got out of prison was in April of 2018 after spending five months for violating probation.

On Tuesday (Jan. 29) a new bill in Pennsylvania was inspired by the Philly rapper called Senate Bill 14, which limits probation for felons to five years and three for those who committed misdemeanors.

Meek’s encounter with the Kingston police below can be seen below.

Source: Atlanta Black Star

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