Death penalty on the verge of extinction

Written by on 01/16/2020

by Timothy James Young

Tim Young

Prison abolition will not happen overnight, nor will it
happen all at once. If we, the people, are to imagine a landscape without
prisons, then we must begin to chip away at the very foundations on which they

We know that prisons are an extension of the slave trade,
and we also know that the death penalty is just a more evolved way of lynching
Black folks.

When it comes to these long standing atrocities, the people
who benefit from them, and the people who turn a blind eye to them, are just as
culpable as the people who set them in motion.

Here in California, we now have a governor who is not only
morally and ethically opposed to the death penalty, but he is actually taking
steps to abolish it!

On March 12, 2019, less than 90 days after being
inaugurated, Gov. Gavin Newsom placed a moratorium on the death penalty. The
following day, on March 13, 2019, a large group of lawmakers took the moratorium
to the next level, by filing a bill in the California Assembly to abolish the
death penalty.

The bill is called ACA(12). It sets out to do two things: 1)
To amend the California Constitution so that the death penalty can no longer be
imposed as a punishment. 2) To place an Anti-Death Penalty Initiative on the
2020 ballot, thereby giving voters a third opportunity to finally get this

This is proof that Gov. Gavin Newsom not only has the
courage to bring about change, but he is also staying true to his word. During
the campaign, he stated that abolishing the death penalty would be a major
priority. He also stated that he plans to back his ballot measure with the “money
and the manpower that it needs to succeed.”

It’s rare when one can say this, but this time around, the
politicians really have their act together. It is now time for those of us who
believe in prison abolition, prison reform, criminal justice reform etc. to
organize, mobilize and help vote the death penalty into extinction.

©Timothy James Young.
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Source: San Francisco Bay View

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