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“Justice denied,” many say, is the verdict in the shooting death of former emergency medical technician Breonna Taylor. The grand jury only indicted one officer, but not for responsibility in Taylor’s death. Taylor was shot and killed in her home during a botched drug raid by Louisville Metro Police Department officers who were there on […]

Colin Kaepernick, Eli Harold and Eric Reid take a knee on Oct. 6, 2016. – Photo: USA Today Sports by Ann Garrison Will the current sports activism around racial justice extend to the global, neocolonial racial injustice that the US and its NATO partners impose on Africa, Latin America, East Asia and South Asia? Is […]

The Curtis Family Cnotes bring food for the body and soul to the people of Hunters Point. Together with Mother Brown’s, they help deliver 400 boxes of food to hungry folks in the neighborhood every week. by Christopher D. Cook Serving the Northridge Coops of our Beloved Bayview District. The Curtis Family C-notes feel the […]

Kevin Cooper on Death Row in a photo dated Oct. 23, 2013 An exclusive interview by Dennis J. Bernstein  I interviewed longtime Death Row prisoner Kevin Cooper in San Quentin on Aug. 18. Cooper is now a double survivor of Death Row and COVID-19. My Flashpoints Radio Team did some of the key research that […]

Authorities announced Tuesday that four people have been arrested in connection to the killing of a Black man whose body was found burning in a ditch in Iowa this month. According to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, three men and one woman have been charged in connection with the death of Michael Williams, 44. […]

There’s a new challenge making its way around the internet, and singer Lizzo just set the bar to new heights. The “Period Challenge,” which was created on Instagram, involves mostly women using their rear end to spell the word “period” by making the butt’s curve form the “p.” All one has to do to take part in the […]

Chance The Rapper recently gave his Twitter followers some advice about voting in November’s general election and was heavily criticized. Many also accused him of using his platform to spread harmful information. Plus there were others who accused the “Coloring Book” rapper of trying to win votes for his friend Kanye West, since he’s running […]

Nearly two dozen Black families collectively are taking major steps toward building generational wealth. The 19 families teamed up in August to purchase 96.71 acres of land in Toomsboro, Georgia, with plans to incorporate their very own city called Freedom. The national unrest in light of the murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George […]

Legendary comedian Steve Harvey unintentionally caused quite a stir on social media after a Twitter user suggested that the “Family Feud” talk show host was attractive.  On Monday, Sept. 21, the person, who goes by the Twitter handle Written By Hanna, tweeted Steve with a video of internet sensation Saucy Santana. In the clip, Santana was overheard […]

In 2016, Bernie Sanders campaigned with David Campos, knowing he was a trusted leader in San Francisco. The following year, Campos was elected to chair the San Francisco Democratic Party, promising a progressive agenda. by Rachel Marshall San Francisco – Today, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin announced that longtime San Francisco public servant David Campos […]

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