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Sen. Bernie Sanders unveils his plan to reform the criminal justice system at a South Carolina rally, proposing to cut the country’s incarcerated population in half, ban private prisons, legalize marijuana, and end mandatory minimum sentencing, solitary confinement and the federal death penalty. by Amani Sawari This time last year thousands of prisoners were buckling […]

Now hiring cleaner, housekeeper, contract labor A flexible position with a minimum requirement Working days: Monday – Saturday Working time: 3days in a week Working wages: $500 weekly More information contact to Thank you for applying Source: San Francisco Bay View

Sabrina Hall will never stop fighting to ensure that her children receive the best possible education and opportunities. – Photo: Kristen Skalin by Michelle Chan Shonte and Sabrina, two Black mothers, allege that the San Francisco Unified School District, or SFUSD, has routinely discriminated against their children and knowingly violated policies and procedures. This is their […]

Ace Antonio Hall, Suzanne Paul, Steven Van Patten, Linda Addison and Sumiko Saulson at the 2016 StokerCon Horror Writers’ Association after-party Brian Keene’s boycott and the end of tokenism at the HWA, Part 1 Writing While Black, September 2019 edition by Sumiko Saulson Allegations of rape, sexual harassment and white supremacy scandalized the Horror Writers’ […]

With the sixth and final season of “Empire” beginning on Sept. 24, Taraji P. Henson explained what her character on the show Cookie Lyon has meant to her throughout the years. She also talked about how the character will live in the minds of others after the show is officially over. “Cookie has meant so […]

by Ericka Blount Ericka Blount: Women are the fastest growing group among incarcerated people in the United States. Approximately 6 to 10 percent of incarcerated women come into this system pregnant, and approximately 100,000 babies are born each year in the prison system. Incarcerated women are more likely to experience illness and serious diseases, and […]

Former Vice President Joe Biden drew the ire of the Black community and others when he made what many have called “distasteful” comments about Black parenting during the third round of Democratic debates. Biden, 76, a Democratic front-runner in the race for the White House, was speaking on the inequality African-American children face at school […]

“Black August” – Art: Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, 264847, Pendleton Correctional Facility, G-20-2C, 4490 W. Reformatory Road, Pendleton, IN 46064 by Faruq This is a talk given by Faruq in the Bay Area in August of 2019. Once again we are within the month of August, which carries a historic meaning for us activists and revolutionary […]

by Rosina Ghebreyesus On Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019, Have a Heart recreational cannabis dispensary President and CEO Ryan Kunkel and equity partner JanAva Whitmire released a statement addressed to the Bayview. The statement detailed the reasoning for their withdrawal of a micro business license for a dispensary in the space long occupied by Walgreen’s in […]

Tameka “Tiny” Harris left the internet head over heels with her eye-catching looks. The 44-year-old mother of four celebrated her niece’s 16th birthday this weekend with a video of the two them out and about together. Harris panned her camera phone over her face and body before putting the spotlight back on her niece. “Almost […]

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